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Brandon Allen says he’s very familiar with, and comfortable in this offense

Coming from the Rams who run a similar offense, Allen feels like the whole playbook is open for him.

Broncos starting quarterback (for now) Brandon Allen met the media today to talk about making his first NFL start on Sunday.

Despite only being on the team for a short time, Allen feels comfortable in the offense, given the similarities to Sean McVay’s offense, where he spent the last two years.

“It’s a very similar offense to the one I came from, so even when I first got here, I was already pretty comfortable,” Allen said. “Then terminology, I’ve learned a lot of that as I’ve been here. I feel very confident with the offense.”

Because of his comfort in the offense, he feels like the Broncos won’t have to limit their playbook like you would expect for a guy who hasn’t taken an NFL snap.

“No, I think the playbook’s wide open,” Allen said. “Like I said, I’ve come from a very similar offense. The thing I had to learn when I first got here was pretty much just terminology. I knew the routes. I knew the reads and all that.”

Brandon credits his time with the Jaguars and Rams for helping slow down the game, and ease him into the speed of the NFL.

“I think I’m just smarter all around,” Allen said. “I think my decision-making has gone through the roof since when I first got here [in the NFL]. Everything was fast and everything was moving so quickly. You’re trying to make these quick reads, and I think the game has slowed down for me as these four years have gone by.”

Allen sounds like a confident guy who is ready to play. We’ll be rooting for him to step up and lead this offense on Sunday.

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