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Is Vic Fangio the answer for the Broncos?

After starting 0-4, questions have erupted about whether the Denver Broncos head coach is up for the task of turning things around.

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The Denver Broncos seemingly make history every week in 2019. First team in 50 years in the NFL to go without a sack or turnover in the first three games. First 0-4 start since 1999, and only the fourth in franchise history (and they were bad in the 1960s). Now they sit on the precipice of the franchise’s first-ever 0-5 start. Vic Fangio was hired to put an end to all this bad Broncos history making, but things have gone in the opposite direction for the first-time head coach.

As Ian St. Clair and I sat down to record the MHR Radio Podcast (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify), there was a question that hung in the air about Fangio. Is he the guy who can right the ship, or will this go down as just another mistake made by John Elway? As Ian said, though, it is important to recognize this for what it actually is — a complete reset.

Not only is Fangio a first-time head coach, but Rich Scangarello is a first-time offensive coordinator. Ed Donatell is running Fangio’s defense, but schemes are changing, and personnel might have to go through a few cycles before the franchise can get the right mix of players on the field. It is definitely going to take more time than many of us had hoped.

Looking at Fangio’s impact on his previous team, it took some time to turn the Chicago Bears defense around. He has been an excellent defensive coordinator throughout his career. However, now that he is in charge of running an entire team, the concern is that he may be in over his head.

To see the Twitterverse after the Broncos loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars many fans voiced their displeasure, and their desire to see Fangio sent packing. That is where a line has to be drawn. After four games as the guy in charge, it might be best to not overreact.

Fans are impatient, and Broncos Country is a spoiled group. We haven’t experienced losing like this in a long time. Some of us have never seen it. It causes people to knee-jerk. It creates overreactions. But let’s remember some important points. This is not a one-year fix. Fangio and his coaching staff are learning as they go. As they learn, they are also implementing new schemes that most of the players havent’t experienced.

It isn’t fun right now. As fans, we are struggling to find a reason to keep coming back every Sunday. Think about it this way: It may not be enjoyable from a win-loss perspective, but the process is in place. Young players like Courtland Sutton, Phillip Lindsay, Royce Freeman, and Dalton Risner have created a solid young offensive nucleus. Von Miller is still in Denver, and Bradley Chubb will hopefully return stronger than ever from his ACL tear. Justin Simmons is growing each week as a leader on the defense.

This will take time. Step back and let Fangio do his work. The Broncos are a team that could just as easily be 3-1 right now. The ball hasn’t bounced their way yet, but it will.

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How long are you willing to wait for Vic Fangio to turn things around?

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