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Broncos quarterback woes have them grasping at straws

Musings of what the Joe Flacco injury means to the Denver Broncos after a 2-6 start to the season and your daily NFL News.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

How profoundly fortuitous that Joe Flacco (after 2 straight games of some of the most cowardly play this NFL fan has seen in all of his decades of watching football) now has an injury keeping him from playing football.

On one hand, I wish the guy a speedy recovery. A ruptured disk is no laughing matter and from what I understand can be quite painful. So as a human to a human, I have nothing but well wishes for the guy dealing with an injury.

But as a fan I have to say this honestly is a positive for the Denver Broncos. Fate appears to have done what neither John Elway, nor Vic Fangio could do and benched Joe Flacco so that the team is forced to look at other quarterback options.

I want to point out to everyone something you won’t hear on the radio or from the talking heads in the MSM. Drew Lock isn’t ready to take over. I think it is actually very smart of the team to put off running him out there to get killed. I know that everyone is absolutely starving for good football (especially from our offense), but you won’t get that with Lock coming back behind this offensive line with as little work as he’s gotten so far this season. I was honestly encouraged by the progress I was seeing from him in his short couple of weeks of preseason action, but he had a long way to go to be ready as a starter and this injury really throws a kink in his development.

But now we get the Brandon Allen show. It could get ugly. But at least I have hope that when the team is in a 3rd and 2+ situation, we’ll have a quarterback who will at least try to make a completion.

Denver Broncos News:

Brandon Allen comfortable in Broncos offense as he prepares to start vs. Browns; Rypien ready to serve as backup if called upon
With Joe Flacco sidelined with a neck injury, backup quarterback Brandon Allen is prepared for his starting opportunity against the Browns on Sunday. Practice squad QB Brett Rypien is also ready to serve as Allen’s backup, if his number is called.

Healthy Drew Lock is 'ready whenever,' trusts Broncos' plan for return
“I think they have an awesome plan and whenever they feel like they want to put that plan in place, I’ll be good,

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