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FanPulse: Broncos fan confidence has entered ‘rebuilding mode’

The Denver Broncos have entered another losing streak as fan confidence has reached all-time lows. It’s okay though, the team is actually rebuilding despite their rhetoric.

The Denver Broncos are rebuilding.

Say it with me now. The Denver Broncos are rebuilding.

Frankly, I’m repeating it to myself just to keep me from overreacting to every moment this season. And despite what John Elway and the Broncos PR team spins, the eye is clearly on the future. I am sure everyone hoped to win some games this year, but that didn’t happen and the plan Elway and Vic Fangio have for this franchise just has to keep moving forward.

With a strong defense, the plan should be to help Rich Scangarello continue to grow as a offensive coordinator and to develop Drew Lock into a starting quarterback. Or, if I had my way, to draft a quarterback in the Top 10 next year.

Laurie, Jess, and I talked about this extensively on Something Something Broncos this morning. They have to fix the quarterback situation if this team is ever going to start winning games. Joe Flacco was supposed to be that bridge guy, but if you watch the film, he is the reason Scangarello’s offense is failing. I read last week that only two starting quarterbacks are worse than Flacco when it comes to incompletions with two or more receivers wide open on the play.

In short, as much as it annoys me, I have to tell myself to be patient with this team. Be patient with Scangarello. Be patient with Lock. Be patient, dare I say, with John Elway.

There was a slight bump in confidence this week and I even voted “confident” myself. Because, despite how frustrating losing is, this team is better than its record. They are just unable to get out of their own way right now and that is almost all due to poor quarterback play. Teams can overcome a bad left tackle. Teams can scheme around that. They cannot scheme around a quarterback that cannot make a play to save his life.

Until they get a quarterback who can play, this is the way its going to be in Denver. I have to believe Elway and Fangio understand this and will do everything they can to fix it. Hell, Elway has been doing everything he can to fix it - to no avail. We’ll know a lot more once we see Drew Lock take an NFL snap.