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A new quarterback, a new opportunity???

DaeSean Hamilton spoke with Ryan Edwards from Broncos Country Tonight and hinted at his frustration with a minimized role in the offense.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

With Emmanuel Sanders traded to the Niners just days before the Colts game, DaeSean Hamilton moved into the clear WR#2 spot.

But he was targeted just once in the game and had no catches to record, so No. 17 contributed very little - something he’d like to change.

Speaking with Ryan Edwards of Broncos Country Tonight on Wednesday, Hamilton hinted at frustration with play calling, but also highlighted that the offense has to execute those plays too (I seem to recall an interesting debate along those lines on here recently).

“I’ve been hoping for a bigger role my entire career,” Hamilton said when asked if he had expected more targets last week. “I was expecting a bigger role from last week, but all I can do is focus on myself and be better every day and be someone the quarterback can rely on. I’m doing my job, hopefully things start rolling my way.”

Since Joe Flacco has been sidelined due to a neck injury, Hamilton knows it will be up to the skill players to help make Brandon Allen’s job a lot easier coming in as backup.

“Just being fundamentally sound, being where I’m supposed to be, somebody he can rely on. Just making his job easier,” Hamilton said about the offense’s focus this week for Allen.

Trying to keep the offense on the field will be a big focus as well.

“At the end of the day, it comes down to us executing [the playbook] and staying on the field and keeping the defense off the field, sustaining drives and ending drives in six instead of three,” Hamilton added.

But that’s a tall order for a backup given the starting QB struggled to keep the offense on the field. So Hamilton knows this could give him a little more opportunity to be one of the main reliable guys the quarterback needs.

“All I gotta do is do my job and be the best receiver; the ball will find me and the quarterback will have faith in me,” he said. “I just gotta focus on myself.”


Which player(s) will be the most important for helping backup QB Brandon Allen in his debut?

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    Garett Bolles
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    Courtland Sutton
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    DaeSean Hamilton
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  • 36%
    Let’s be’s going to be the defense.
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