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NFL Week 5 Early Games: Live Updates

Welcome to Week 5 of the regular season. The Denver Broncos play late, but you can join the conversation for the early games here.

Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The NFL has a couple of interesting early games in Week 5. As far as rooting interest goes, we can always root for a Raiders loss. They play the Bears, so that is entirely possible. Then rooting for any team that has beat the Broncos to lose is next, because its all about that draft position now.

On the road, the Jaguars are a good candidate for a loss and later in the afternoon the Packers are also on the road against the Cowboys. I’d be okay with a trifecta of losses there.

The Denver Broncos also play in the afternoon slot. For more information on their game with the Los Angeles Chargers, check out our nuts and bolts post this morning.

Early games schedule

Early Game live updates