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Broncos Country pushes Denver to its first win

Mile High Salute to Broncos fans for their showing on Sunday vs the Chargers in southern California.

The difference between winning and losing is so small.

One play, one decision impacts how a game turns out.

Through the first four games of the Denver Broncos 2019 season, that was on full display in the two home games vs the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars. Instead of two wins, the Broncos are dealt two crushing losses. When a team goes on the road, it will look for any advantage it can get.

Enter Broncos Country on Sunday vs the Los Angeles Chargers.

As Adam Malnati and I basked in the orange and blue glow of Denver’s 20-13 win on the MHR Radio Podcast (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify), we also gave a Mile High Salute to Broncos (1-4) fans for their showing on Sunday. No matter how normal it is to see the Chargers (2-3) stadium packed with orange, it’s a beautiful sight. And it makes a huge difference.

“Obviously, the crowd here, the Broncos fans that we had here, were great,” Broncos coach Vic Fangio said to the media after the game. “I was told that it would be that way, but until you experience it, you really don’t know. It kind of speaks well of Broncos Nation — or what I am supposed to? — Broncos Country, sorry (smiles). When you’re with one of the flagship franchises, I was with the Bears recently, they travel well. The Niners traveled well. Then you have to put the Broncos in that category, also.”

When Philip Rivers and the Chargers have the ball and it’s louder than other points in the game, that’s a testament to Broncos fans. Even Jim Nantz and Tony Romo noticed it on the CBS broadcast. Broncos Country has joked when Denver plays the Chargers, whether in San Diego or LA, it’s the ninth home game. That really is the case. It makes you feel for Rivers and LA ... no, no it doesn’t.

“It’s a different atmosphere,” Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco said. “You don’t know who’s cheering for who sometimes. It’s kind of a pretty cool place to play honestly. Not too dissimilar from like a really nice Double-A stadium, and it is cool to see a lot of orange jerseys out there in the stands.”

What makes all of this even better is the fact the Broncos finally got their first win of the 2019 season, and the fans in attendance should know they played a part in that.

“It was loud,” Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay said. “Broncos country, they travel well. It feels good to get a win for Broncos country, even though we’re here in [Los Angeles]. It feels good to get a win for the fans, they’ve been patient on us. Patiently waiting for us to get a win, so it feels good to do it for them.”