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Keenan Allen says Chris Harris ‘can’t hold my jock strap’ after Chargers’ loss

After he went off for ...*checks notes *... four catches for 18 yards.

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Keenan Allen didn’t take Sunday’s loss too well, apparently.

After the game, in which he was held to four catches and 18 yards on seven targets (including one drop), Allen responded on Instagram to the notion that Chris Harris had shut him down.

This comment came from a Chris Harris fan account Instagram post, in which Keenan Allen was tagged, and so he responded in the comment section.

This isn’t the first time Allen has shown to be a sore loser after a loss to the Broncos. After last year’s defeat, Allen was quoted in an ESPN piece saying:

Asked if the Broncos rose up and played well, Allen had this to say: “No, I don’t think they played well at all. We dominated the game. Turnovers, we gave them some points and that’s what happened. They suck.”

Some friendly advice for Keenan Allen, who I think is a really good player - you might want to focus less on smack talk on Instagram and more on catching the ball.

Just a thought.

The guys from Broncos Country Tonight on KOA Radio, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright, broke down Allen’s comments as well with guest Brandon Krisztal.

Check it out above, or right here.