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My Ultimate DFS team for Week 6

The Broncos’ defense is going to PWN this week and lead this Ultimate DFS team - finally - to glory!

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve had some really good picks for my Ultimate DFS teams through five weeks but not one of them has been a Bronco. When I pick Emmanuel Sanders, Phillip Lindsay goes off - and when I pick Lindsay, Courtland Sutton goes off. It’s been disastrous for my lineups and has kept me out of the $ each and every week almost entirely by itself.

I’m determined to not miss this week’s Bronco so I’m going to start all of them.

OK, maybe not, but here’s to hoping I get it right this time!

This lineup is taken from

QB - Deshaun Watson

The guy just put up a million points against Atlanta and was not sacked once during a game for the first time in his career. Watson is just so good, and he has enough weapons that each week he could score 40 points. His opponent, Kansas City, ranks 25th in terms of yards allowed and are coming into this game totally banged up. It should be a shootout, and my favorite QB in the NFL should go off in Week 6!

RB - Aaron Jones

After a brutal Week 1, Jones had been a very solid fantasy scorer up until Week 5 when he went absolutely bat**** crazy. He has the fourth most points at RB this year, and he has eight touchdowns and faces Detroit with a 20th ranked rush defense. It’s amazing that Zeke Elliot, Todd Gurley and Le’veon Bell are not even in the top 10 in terms of running back fantasy points and we may be seeing a “new era” with beasts like Jones, Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey.

RB - Sony Michel

The New England schedule has been so easy it’s ridiculous, and it continues this week against the New York Giants. I picture a big lead early and a game where Michel gets more touches than normal and a touchdown or two. He has not been a big scorer in 2019, but my gut likes him in this game and the last time my gut was wrong was when I drank milk with spicy curry...which last week...

WR - Terry Mclaurin

In what may be the worst matchup in recent memory - Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins - Mclaurin is likely to shine with (enter name) at QB. I actually like Washington in this game as new leadership tends to lead to immediate, though rarely long-lasting, success. He’s been extremely dependable and when anyone goes up against Miami they are destined for glory be their QB Colt McCoy, Case Keenum or Dwayne Haskins.

WR - Michael Gallup

The Cowboys have fallen far from their early-season pedestal and that offense will be looking to get back on track vs the lowly New York Jets. The Jets have the 21st-ranked pass defense and Gallup has been successful when given the chance. It’s possible that Amari Cooper steals everything from him, but there should be enough to go around in what will likely be a total whooping.

WR - DJ Chark

Like an idiot, I thought that the guy was a flash-in-the-pan and that he wouldn’t continue his early season success...yeah...about that. He’s the No. 5 fantasy receiver and just has “IT” with his genius QB, Gardnew Minshew (who names their kid Gardner?) This week, Chark and Gardner (sounds like a cop show) play the 22nd-ranked New Orleans defense at home. I bet he continues to shine.

TE - Austin Hooper

Did you know the Atlanta tight end has been the top scorer at his position through five weeks? Me neither. He’s facing the 29th-ranked Arizona defense and he is $2,000 cheaper than Kelcey. Hooper is a no-brainer for me in Week 6!

FLEX - Chris Carson

Seattle continues to do Seattle things behind future HOFer, Russell Wilson. In the meantime, Cleveland continues to do Cleveland things behind future barista, Baker Mayfield (who names their kid Baker?) OK, Mayfield isn’t THAT bad, but this team is in a bad place and I think this is a game that will be ugly and ground-based. Carson has been good but not great but I like his matchup and I think that he scores a TD or two in an ugly ground and pound affair.

DST - Denver Broncos

Booya Gramma, here is my Broncos’ selection that is going to finally pay off. They’ve been horrible as a fantasy defense through 2019 but last week things changed, and you can sense a difference in the squad. Add that to the fact that they are playing the 29th-ranked offense behind the most underwhelming QB in the NFL, in Denver, and this is going to be a gore-fest at MileHigh.

May the odds be ever in your favor.