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The future is now for the Broncos... kinda

Joe - I don’t give a - Flacco is out at QB and it’s up to Brandon Allen and Drew Lock to show Denver fans that there is some hope for the future.

I wish Joe Flacco all the best in his road to recovery and I really hope it’s not an injury that affects him as he grows older. I also wish him well in whatever he decides to do in the future, as long as it’s never again touching the ball in a Denver Broncos’ jersey.

We are finally in the position where we can have just a little bit of hope regarding the QB position and though Brandon Allen and Drew Lock may end up being even worse than Flacco, there is at least the prospect that they might improve and at the very least bring a spark to this pathetic offense.

As I said last week, I would rather Jano start at Quarterback than a veteran quitter and I will go into this game against the Browns voraciously cheering for Allen to find some success and drooling over my nachos as he smoothly rolls to his right and completes a pass. If they biggie, we still know that Drew Lock should start four or five games this season and will hopefully show us just where we are in terms of building a contender. Because, let’s be serious, you can’t contend with an old, untalented QB especially when he is playing behind a bad offensive line and is coached by a rookie staff.

This week against Cleveland will show us a lot, even though there’s about a 2% chance that Brandon Allen has any future as the Broncos’ QB and I will pray for his safety behind this garbage O-line, the rest of the players will show if they are part of the future of the team or not. Now that Flacco and Emmanuel Sanders are gone, the reigns have been passed to the future generation of players that will determine whether this team will crawl deeper into the dumpster in which they’ve resided for the past few years or if they will return again to the consistent contender that they had been for twenty-plus years.

Even if the Broncos find a way to lose to the lowly Browns, I will still feel better about our team than I would as a Cleveland fan.

Though it’s been a ridiculously frustrating season, I’ve personally liked what I’ve seen from the coaching staff. I think there is an improving culture and atmosphere and a better sense of urgency and accountability than has been seen since the PFM days. The youth on this team is fired up and excited to be Broncos, to play for this staff and to win at Mile High.

Cleveland has a terrible culture with a coach who is clearly in over his head. They have drama and egos that are on the verge of breaking apart anything that could have been good in that locker room. They have a QB who they thought was their future but has been the worst passer in the NFL through Week 8. Their highest paid players have been putrid and though the team was thought to be one of the most talented in the NFL, they are showing that it takes more than a 40 time to be successful in this league.

As Cleveland seems to have the talent and lacks leadership, the Broncos seem to have the leadership but lack the talent. The Browns have a QB who should be great but isn’t while the Broncos have a QB who could be great until he’s proven he isn’t.

If we fans can be patient with this staff and let them build a team that fits with their schemes while also scheming to fit their talent, they could find success sooner than we think. They’ve battled to the end against some very good teams this year and with some better luck, better refereeing and even an average Quarterback, they could have been in the hunt for the playoffs.

The Denver Broncos could be closer than their record shows and it all hinges on the kid, the rookie who will get his chance to show us who he is and who he could become in just a few short weeks.

I don’t know about you but at this point in time - and forever - I would much rather be a fan in Denver than a fan in Cleveland.

With Flacco gone, I’m feeling good!

Go Broncos!


At this point, which team has a brighter future?

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