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Do the Broncos owe Brandon Allen more time?

How much time should Denver invest in Brandon Allen, or is it time to focus on Drew Lock

On Broncos Country Tonight on KOA Bob Holtzman joined Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright. The conversation centered around quarterbacks, and a question crept into the discussion about Drew Lock, and when he would get on the field for the Broncos. How much time does Brandon Allen deserve as Denver’s starter?

The QB position has been a touchy subject in Broncos Country for the last three seasons. After investing a second round pick in Drew Lock, and watching Joe Flacco falter, many fans are ready for Lock to see time as the starter. During the discussion, however, all the different ways teams have handled QBs were considered. Carson Palmer sat for a season, and Aaron Rodgers sat for three seasons. Both played well when they finally got a chance.

Does Drew Lock need that much time to prepare to play in the NFL? That all depends on your philosophy about when to start young QBs. Does Brandon Allen deserve more than just two or three games to prove himself? That depends on whether or not you believe he has had a chance or not.

With the Broncos, Allen’s chance is right now. It likely ends after just a few games, but should it? He has been in the league long enough to have a chance to beat out other QBs for roster spots. He hasn’t broken in. With the Broncos it took an injury to Flacco, and an already injured Lock to get Allen his shot.

The consensus in Denver is probably skewed toward wanting to see what the team has in Drew Lock, which limits the chances that Allen has. John Elway and Vic Fangio are going to make the decision that they feel is best for the players and the team. That decision will probably move Allen to a backup role sooner rather than later.