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Andy Janovich suffers ugly arm/elbow injury

From the looks of this horrifying injury, we won’t be seeing Andy Janovich on the field again for the Denver Broncos in 2019.

The Denver Broncos offense is just better when Andy Janovich is in there leading the way for Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman, but that run has likely ended after this terrible looking arm or elbow injury late in the first half of their game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Hopefully it is the sort of injury he can fully recover from and rehab through heading into the 2020 season. Janovich did have a rushing touchdown in this game. It was a classic “they stopped him” and then Jano bulled his way through for the yard he needed for the touchdown.

The Broncos will miss him badly down the stretch, but it is what it is. Tough break for a fan favorite.