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Recapping the Broncos second half collapse versus Vikings

What did Minnesota do differently in the second half, and what are some positive takeaways for this struggling Denver team? 

Welcome to the roller coaster that is the being a Denver Broncos fan. The young team put together what was probably their best half of football all season, only to follow it up with an utter collapse in the second half.

After leading 20-0 at halftime, and 23-7 going into the 4th quarter, Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings offense exploited a beat-up secondary, and the Broncos offense once again struggled to convert in the red zone, which was their ultimate undoing.

The Broncos offense received a strip sack gift from Shelby Harris placing them in the red zone, they then received another gift in the form of a fumbled kickoff, and at the end of the game had three opportunities within the 10 yard line. All of these opportunities combined produced 3 whole points.

Add in a missed field goal, poor officiating, and some busted coverages, and you have the makings of what we saw on Sunday. However, it wasn’t all bad. The offense once again looked much more fresh and balanced, carrying over its momentum from their win against Cleveland.

I joined Ross Volkmer on the Morning Blitz to do some Monday morning reflection on the loss, where we cover all of the above and more. Check it out above.