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Chris Harris and Von Miller squash unfounded “anonymous” rumors

Any “report” about discontent in the Broncos locker room was put to bed by their vets yesterday.

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A “report” started swirling before the Vikings game on Sunday that there was trouble in the locker room and players were disgruntled with their new head coach.

We didn’t even report on it because of the credibility of the original writer, who was citing “anonymous sources”.

However, it made enough waves that naturally the players were asked about it. KOA’s Broncos insider, Brandon Krisztal was on Broncos Country Tonight this evening and talked with Benjamin Allbright and Ryan Edwards about what he heard from Chris Harris in the locker room after the game. (check out the full audio clip above)

Krisztal said on air that he heard Harris discussing this in the locker room, commenting loudly for those around to hear that the report was “bullsh**” and Brandon followed up with Harris via text to clarify his comments, and he confirmed with Krisztal that there is no problem with Vic Fangio within the locker room.

Von Miller’s comments that Brandon is referencing in his tweet above came via Troy Renck after the game in which Von said he loves the way Fangio coaches and calls the game.

This is consistent with what we have heard from the players all season, that they like playing for Fangio and like him as a head coach. It’s part of the reason Derek Wolfe is talking at a team dinner about wanting to keep the defense together as much as possible for next year.

John Elway weighed in as well on a radio segment today as well. Elway also called the report “B.S.” and talked about how happy he has been with the job Vic Fangio has done so far with this team.

Sitting at 3-7, Denver has issues on the field for sure, but it doesn’t seem that it is translating into discontent within the locker room, which alone is a huge positive shift from the last two years.