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Does anyone know what Pass Interference is now in the NFL?

Most football fans had a good idea of what pass interference was last year, but now, it is confusing at best...and the NFL is a lesser product because of it.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Minnesota Vikings Ben Ludeman-USA TODAY Sports

I think most NFL fans complain every season about the referees and bad calls. That’s kind of normal. This year feels different, though.

The NFL made a really big deal about instituting a challenge system for making sure the refs get pass interference calls right after an absolutely atrocious miss in last year’s playoff game between the L.A. Rams and the New Orleans Saints.

Cool. So that means now if that happens, teams have a way to help get the game right and keep things on an even playing field, right?


I can’t recall a week of this season that has gone by without an example of clear pass interference that was challenged but upheld - and as a fan of football, it is absolutely infuriating.

This is something that I’ll agree with any Pats, Chiefs, or (Good Lord love a duck) Raiders fan on.

I regularly share a meal with a family of Cowboy fans, and they are talking about it as well.

So when we see an article like the one below by Conor Orr at Sports Illustrated, I can’t help but nod my head in agreement.

This does feel like the twilight zone. The NFL just doesn’t make sense in this area any longer, and it is beyond dumb.

How the biggest sport in the nation lags so far behind the MLB and the NBA in this area of business just boggles the mind.

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