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Broncos at Bills preview: Denver looks to put forth a complete game

The Broncos need to carry over how they played in the first half vs the Vikings to the whole game on Sunday.

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Another week, another tough loss to get over.

That’s the story of the 2019 Denver Broncos. The loss to the Minnesota Vikings is the fourth time that scenario has played out for the Broncos. When you think of how the discussion around this team would change if all or any of those games took a different path, it just makes it more frustrating.

Never the less, the Broncos (3-7) are onto the Buffalo Bills (7-3).

As Adam Malnati and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify), the big difference between this season and the last two is Vic Fangio. Paired with the young foundational pieces on offense and defense, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The hope for Broncos Country is that light isn’t a train. We also gave our keys to the game and players to watch.

Offensive Rankings

Denver: Twenty-fifth in overall offense (319.7 yards), 16th in rushing (113.1), 25th in passing (206.6) and 27th in points (17.2).

Buffalo: Nineteenth in overall offense (345.6 yards), eighth in rushing (128.7), 23rd in passing (216.9) and 20th in points (21.1).

Defensive Rankings

Denver: Fourth in overall defense (310.8 yards), 11th in rushing (100.5), fifth in passing (210.3) and tied for seventh in points (19.7).

Buffalo: Third in overall defense (304.1 yards), 18th in rushing (106.3), third in passing (197.8) and third in points (17.0).

Here are the MHR staff’s keys to Sunday’s game.

Put forth a complete game

This no doubt the “simple” key, but it’s so true. The Broncos need to play on Sunday in Buffalo for the whole game how they played the first half in Minnesota. How Denver played in that first half, if it carries that over to the second half, will beat any team in the NFL. Even if the Broncos don’t do it for the whole game, the closer they get to winning the close games. — Ian St. Clair

Easy peasy

Score points. Don’t shit pants. Win. Celebrate. — Jess Place

Get the ball to the playmakers

Keep finding ways to get the ball into the hands of guys like Courtland Sutton and Phillip Lindsay. Use the best players on the field to score points. Not that winning really matters at this point. — Adam Malnati

Expose Josh Allen

When it comes down to it, it’s really quite that simple. The Bills quarterback has a bit of an inflated perception around the league because he’s a halfway decent fantasy option and Buffalo is winning, but if the Broncos can force him to beat them from the pocket they’re in great shape: by DVOA he’s among the dregs of the NFL. — Joe Rowles


Denver will need an excellent day from Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson. If the safety duo can help hide the weakness at cornerback, the Bills will have a tough time getting anything going on offense. Fortunately, Buffalo doesn’t have a Stefon Diggs. And that’ll lead straight to a win with a Broncos offense that’s suddenly grown a few teeth. — Taylor Kothe

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What are your keys to the Broncos winning on Sunday?