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Does Drew Lock have to play in 2019?

Vic Fangio indicated that Drew Lock doesn’t have to play this season for the Broncos to evaluate him.

Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Amon/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

When Mike Klis joined Broncos Country Tonight he was asked about Vic Fangio’s comments regarding the need for Drew Lock to get into any games in 2019. According to Fangio, Lock playing isn’t vitally important for evaluating the rookie moving forward.

“You can get a false positive, “You can get a false negative. You need a whole body of work, including offseason and training camp, to build up. I’m not putting any limits on him if he does get in there, but I would be reluctant to make final conclusions.”

Klis did some clarifying of what was meant by this statement. “If Drew Lock plays well in the last two games... it may be important. It may be good for Lock to play, but it won’t necessarily help them evaluate whether he’s gonna be a good or bad quarterback or not.”

Couple things that might have caught your attention. First, two games? I think most people in Broncos Country were hoping for five, starting against the Chargers in a couple weeks. Second, it might not give them a large sample size, but it will give Lock a chance to see real game speed.

Klis offers the suggestion that other teams will be playing good or bad based on where they stand in playoff contention. Therefore, Fangio doesn’t think that two games will give him any real valuable information moving forward? I’m not sure I buy that.

Any playing time that Drew Lock can get is valuable to both the player and the franchise. Klis talked about drafting a QB in 2020, and seeing Drew Lock in 2019 won’t have any bearing on that. Perhaps that is true, but not seeing Drew Lock in 2019 feels like a wasted opportunity. For a franchise that can’t afford anymore wasted opportunities at the QB position, this would be a shortsighted take.