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Something Something Broncos podcast, Episode 45

Laurie and Jess go over the good from the Denver Broncos loss last week and how they might be able to come out of Buffalo with a win on Sunday.

The Denver Broncos are coming off a painful second-half collapse on the road against the Minnesota Vikings and will immediately get back on the road to face the 7-3 Buffalo Bills. Can they avoid losing another game or can they finally figure out how to close the deal?

Jess and Laurie discuss this and other things on the latest episode of Something Something Broncos. Jess seemed despondent over the Broncos loss to the Vikings until Laurie reminded him how many good things happened during the game - and both pick the Broncos to bounce back and get a hard-fought win in Buffalo.

What do you think: can Denver build on the good and go on the road and beat a surprising contender in the Bills?