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Alexander Johnson brings energy and toughness to this team everyday

The surprise linebacker who has burst onto the scene for Denver this year, hung out with Broncos Country Tonight this evening.

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Alexander Johnson has been one of the biggest surprises and bright spots for this Denver team, and is just a blast to watch on gamedays. He is also just a really solid guy, who has a great perspective off the field, as well.

Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright got to hang out with Johnson tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings in Denver, and captured their conversation with him live on KOA Colorado.

It really is a great listen, and cool to hear more from Alexander Johnson than just what we get at a news conference or standard interview.

The guys covered a range of topics, but the one that I really enjoyed was Johnson talking about being patient as his career didn’t get off to a traditional start, and even when he was on the Broncos in camp and felt that he was ready to go, he wasn’t getting the playing time.

Johnson said ever since he came back into the league, he’s felt ready to play and was just waiting for the opportunity to show it. Ryan Edwards asked him what he would say to a young player who, like Johnson was, is in a situation where they have to be patient and wait for their shot.

“When your chance comes, show them that you’re ready and that you’ve been ready. Everybody isn’t going to get their opportunity when they want it, but when your opportunity comes, take it and run with it”, Johnson said. “Show them that you’ve been ready to play.”

Check out the full interview above, and hear Johnson talk about the energy he brings to the team everyday and how he’s been bringing it since college, why he has the nickname “Chief Beast”, and more.