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For the Broncos, it’s the perfect time to not panic

If the players give up on this staff, there’s no chance of a rebuild.

“Losing breeds contempt”

The Twittersphere has been full of some rather negative information in the last few days as Broncos Country implodes in on itself like a dying star. There are only so many last-minute losses that a fan-base can take before it loses its collective mind. The surprising thing about what’s come out after the brutal loss to the Vikings, is that there were actually quite a few people who realize that this team is actually heading in the right direction.

What all has happened in the last seven days?

A long-time NFL reporter wrote a report that the locker room practically hates their head coach and half of the local media supported it in part while the other half bashed the claim as half-baked and totally untrue.

Vic Fangio said that he doesn’t think that it’s necessary that Drew Lock plays this season making half of the fan-base freak out while the other half calmly trust the process.

Von Miller organized a player-only dinner and 50% of those on Twitter claim it shows that there are major issues between coaches and players while 50% say that it’s just Von trying to instill faith in team leadership.

In the end, I think that it’s all like most everything on the internet: the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Fangio is an old-fashioned coach in a new-fashioned age. These young guys probably don’t naturally love the grumpy-oldman vibe that eeks from the oversized sweaters of their head coach. Are they giving up on him already after 10 games into his tenure? Almost assuredly not.

Is it the end of the world if Lock doesn’t play this season? Probably not. In my mind it shows that they will give him 2020 and let him run with it. Which means that five games in 2019 don’t really matter in the long run. Is it a perfect plan? Who knows. There’s no perfect formula for breaking in QBs and it’s naive to believe otherwise.

Is it bad that Von Miller is bringing guys out to dinner in order to get away from the coaches? Probably yes and also no. It shows that there are some rifts in the locker room but also that the veteran guys understand that if they give the coaches some time, things could really turn around.

Really, it all comes down to the fact that “losing breeds contempt”. If Fangio and the Broncos were winning, none of this would be happening. If they had completed a few kicks, made a few tackles, bribed a few refs (joking)...everything would be different. Since things have gone badly there are negative vibes inside the locker room, the front office, the media and the fan base. What’s most important now is that the team buys-in to what the coaches and front office have in mind for the future of the team. The long-term Broncos need to convince the Free Agents that they should come back and fight with this team because they aren’t far off from being a good team. If the veterans aren’t able to do that and the best talents available aren’t sure if they should play in Denver and with this staff....we are in for a long ride.

Deep breath, Broncos Country, look at the brightside and have faith that with a little more talent, a QB who isn’t terrible and a bit of luck, this team should be well on its way back to relevance.


What was the worst recent "news"?

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    Players hate Fangio
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    Lock doesn’t need to start in ‘19
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    Von organizes player dinner
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  • 49%
    Broncos lose to Vikings
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