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FanPulse: Despite loss, fan confidence in Broncos remains steady

Finishing the 2019 season strong will go a long way to prove to Denver Broncos fans that their confidence in the direction of this team is not misplaced.

The Denver Broncos blew a 20 point lead over the Minnesota Vikings in the second half last week, but the mere fact they went on the road against a strong playoff contender and put them on the ropes is enough for most fans to come away with some positives from that game.

Enough so that they remain confident in the direction of the team here in Week 12. The Buffalo Bills are a team that the Broncos should matchup well against. They are a run-first team with a quarterback who can attack down field if not asked to do too much in that area. The Broncos defense is an elite run defense, which should put the pressure on Josh Allen to have to do too much.

If Denver can come out with a win this week, they’ll be able to build on that heading down the stretch.

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