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Denver moves up to the fifth overall pick after loss to Bills

The Denver Broncos are driving their tank right through the lines and have moved up to the fifth overall pick after their 20-3 loss to the Bills.

Oregon State v Stanford Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

If the season ended today, the Denver Broncos would hold the fifth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft just one game behind the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, and Washington Redskins. The 0-11 Cincinnati Bengals appear to have the first overall pick all but locked down at this point.

Who the Broncos end up drafting is certainly up for debate and a lot will be analyzed and discussed after Drew Lock gets his chance to show Broncos Country what he can do as a rookie. If he falters in any major way, you’d have to believe John Elway would be looking at some of the top tier quarterbacks here. However, if Lock ends up succeeding and moving the Broncos out of the Top 5 range, we might start thinking about how to go about replacing Garett Bolles for good on the offensive line instead.

In my mind, those are the only two positions that are worthy of a Top 5 or Top 10 pick in next years’ draft. Lock’s play will go a long way to determining where I personally end up on the spectrum, since finding a franchise quarterback is the only way we’re ever going to see this team pull itself out of this pit of despair.

Current 2020 NFL Draft Order

Pick Team Record SOS
Pick Team Record SOS
1 Cincinnati Bengals 0-11 .579
2 New York Giants 2-9 .471
3 Miami Dolphins 2-9 .500
4 Washington Redskins 2-9 .512
5 Denver Broncos 3-8 .540
6 Atlanta Falcons 3-8 .573
7 Detroit Lions 3-7-1 .488
8 Arizona Cardinals 3-7-1 .500
9 New York Jets 4-7 .517
10 Los Angeles Chargers 4-7 .466
11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-7 .462