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The Big Takeaway: The Broncos seemed to quit early against the Bills

It sure felt like a different football team playing for the Broncos in Buffalo.

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Well, that wasn’t what we’ve been talking about the last couple weeks in Broncos Country.

The Denver Broncos’ loss to the Buffalo Bills wasn’t unexpected. The way they lost was. As I mentioned on the MHR Radio Podcast with Ian St. Clair, the Broncos showed no heart. Honestly, they never play well in Buffalo, but whatever they were doing against the Bills wasn’t playing football.

Brandon Allen is at best a backup QB, so expectations for the offense were understandably low. He lived down to those expectations. Going 10 of 25 for 82 yards and one interception actually looks about right. His inability to generate any offensive production should not have come as a shock to anyone.

In fact, Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman were both somewhat productive in their limited roles. Lindsay averaged four yards per carry, and Freeman averaged 10 (granted it was two rushes for 20 yards). The shock of this game came from watching players that Denver depends on play poorly, or just plain lose interest in the game.

Courtland Sutton’s one catch in eight targets probably stemmed from outside factors. Incredibly windy conditions, and a QB without an ability to throw in that wind hurts, but eight targets with one catch? That’s a head scratcher.

And on defense, there were obviously guys that shined. A.J. Johnson continues to impress each week. Justin Simmons snagged an INT and continually shows why he should be ranked among the best safeties in the game. Todd Davis had a solid game, making tackles.

Von Miller registered a sack, but did not do much else. Derek Wolfe, who had been playing very well the last few weeks, registered just one tackle. Chris Harris Jr. gave up the biggest play of the game. Those are not exactly names we are accustomed to seeing in this category.

We complained about the team seeming disinterested in Joe Flacco’s last start, and Brandon Allen’s infusion of energy was a welcome change. The Broncos played with more fire against the Browns and Vikings, but that fire cooled in the travel east. We can make the excuse that they never play well on the East Coast in the early game, but that’s not what this looked like.

They looked like a team resigned to its fate. The season seemed to be over, and Denver has moved to the cusp of its third straight losing season. This is new territory for many of us here in Broncos Country. Perhaps nothing will infuriate a fan base more than a team that seems disinterested.

The losing is part of the process. It is somewhat inevitable right now. Giving up? Not caring? Losing interest? That’s unacceptable.

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