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Finding the right quarterback may have more to do with coaching than you think

As we see the development of Lamar Jackson getting all the hype in the NFL news, I can’t help but wonder if the problem with our team finding a QB has more to do with coaching

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Is the problem that the Denver Broncos can’t find an NFL quality starting quarterback? Or is the problem that the NFL coaches are largely too scared to step out and develop one?

Many of us here at have said over the years that the NFL is rife with nepotism in its coaching trees. We’ve also talked about how General Managers in the NFL are risk averse by and large and not willing to see their coaches really innovate or explore except in very specific scenarios (like Arizona this year where you have a college coach bringing his system up as he takes over coaching a pro team).

I’m certainly not going to entertain the idea that quarterbacks we’ve drafted like Paxton Lynch or Trevor Siemian are diamonds in the rough and we just haven’t found the right gemcutter yet. That’s largely nonsense.

But what I am saying is why can’t more teams be like the Baltimore Ravens and tailor their offense to fit their QB’s skill set?

I know we did it back in 2011 when Tebowmania hit Broncos Country. The team really didn’t have a choice. But right now, are we tailoring the Rich Scangarello system to fit the skills of Drew Lock? Or are we waiting for Drew Lock to learn the skills needed to run the Scangarello offense?

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