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My Ultimate DFS Fantasy Lineup for Week 13

This week I would be thankful for a big win in DFS....

NFL: Oakland Raiders at New York Jets Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s half tempting to just play Lamar Jackson, Christian McCaffrey and Michael Thomas while leaving the rest of the positions empty. These guys are just destroying things but gosh they’re expensive. Anyway, what fun would that be? It’s way more challenging to play some Jets and win some dough thanks to some good old fashioned, grimy Sam Darnold fantasy points.

QB - Sam Darnold

Sammy D has been straight fire over the past few weeks and that should undoubtedly continue against the Bengals this week. While Broncos fans are freaking out over not drafting Josh Allen a few years back, Darnold is the guy that “got away” IMO. With the right talent around him and Adam Gase working at at least half brain capacity, this cat is good enough to be a top-5 QB.

RB - Josh Jacobs

This is actually a huge game against Kansas City this week and I doubt that Chucky will put too much responsibility onto Carr’s shoulders. Jacobs is going to get plenty of carries and he will do so against the third worst run defense in football.

RB - Miles Sanders

Anyone who has followed my DFS series since the beginning knows that I love Sanders and Singletary and I hate that they don’t get enough attempts. Still, Sanders is playing the Dolphins this week and I predict at least one 80-yard Touchdown.

WR - Davante Adams

This guy has lost a bit of love since his injury and thus is relatively affordable going up against a bad New York Giants defense. This should be the game when he really comes back to his former self as the Packers will try to show up against a bad team after getting destroyed by the 49ers.

WR - DK Metcalf

AKA Hulk, this big dude is receiving balls from the best QB in the NFL and is facing the 20th ranked Minnesota pass defense. The guy fumbles and drops some passes but he has a high ceiling each week and this matchup should be a good one.

WR - Dede Westbrook

This guy has a lot better chemistry with Nick Foles than he did with Gardner Minshew and he is facing the second-worst pass defense in the NFL, the Tampa Bay Bucs. He has really broken my heart this season but I like him to go off this week.

TE - Noah Fant

He is clearly a piece that the coaches want to feature in their offense. Sometimes in odd ways...This week, though he is facing a good Charger defense, I think he continues his recent success. Either Drew Lock or Brandon Allen will focus in on the big dude and he’s the best Bronco option this week.

FLEX - Jarvis Landry

The Browns are in a predictable upswing due to an easing of their schedule while the Steeler’s coach just changed QBs and said it’s because “this guy hasn’t been killing us.” Harsh. I actually think the Browns spank Pittsburgh in this one and Landry will be a big part of it.

DST - Green Bay Packers

Again, the Packers will be seeking to climb out of the dumpster they dove in last week. The Giants are an ideal opponent for achieving this goal.