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Something Something Broncos podcast, Episode 46

Laurie, Tim, and Jess break down the latest Denver Broncos loss and look ahead to Drew Lock and the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 13.

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The Something Something Broncos crew of Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann, Jess Place, and I spent a little bit of time talking about the latest Denver Broncos debacle - the 20-3 loss to the Buffalo Bills - and a lot of time talking about Drew Lock and what we hope to see from the team in the final five games.

I’m personally hemming and hawing on Lock, but not due to anything I feel personally about him, rather I am stuck on the pure mathematical odds a second round quarterback faces to succeed in the NFL. It’s just rare and I just don’t feel confident in John Elway’s ability to beat those odds when it comes to drafting quarterbacks.

That said, I’m very excited for the Drew Lock era to begin. I’d love for him to pan out above and beyond the Derek Carr’s and Andy Dalton’s of the second round quarterback worlds and get a bit closer to the Drew Brees level. What else can I hope for?

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