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Close your ears to quarterback controversy: Drew Lock is the future

If the Broncos can build a scheme around their young QB and build on his strengths, we could be witnessing the start of a new and glorious era in Denver.

There’s some serious hogwash out on the airwaves and interweb these days and the Denver Broncos seem to be the target of about 90% of it. Some popular media members go so far as to claim that it’s ridiculous that Lock was drafted in the second round and it would have been far better had he been picked #10 can’t make this stuff up.

As fans, we need to do our utmost to keep in mind that five games is not nearly enough time to know if a guy is your franchise QB or not. That means that if the kid finishes the season like the second coming of Dan Marino or if he is just another Paxton Lynch, the guy must get more time. And he will.

From everything that we have seen, the Broncos front office is prepared to run with Lock as the future at QB. For goodness sake, that’s why they drafted the guy. The only reason that we think that he might be dumped aside after five games - unless he is perfect - is because that’s exactly what happened to Paxton Lynch...ish. We have grown so accustomed to bad QB play since Peyton Manning that we can’t imagine anything else. We are negative just for the sake of being negative and because “John Elway can’t evaluate talent”.

We all know for a fact that we will have five months of “QB controversy” spoon-fed down our throats until the draft comes along and the Broncos select an LT, WR or DT and Lock haters go into their closets and cry.

There is zero reason to believe that they will have any other QB in 2020 than Drew Lock. The guy seems to be a hard worker, his teammates like him, he has all the talent in the world and simply has to prove if he is smart enough to read defenses and learn from his mistakes. The only possible way to show this is to play at the very least, 30 games in the NFL and the Broncos should undoubtedly give him at least that much time.

So, again, as we watch these last five games of the 2019 season let’s not look at them as Drew Lock’s one and only audition to be the franchise QB but rather the start of a new era. We don’t know if that era will last beyond two seasons plus but we can say with relative certainty that it won’t be much less.

The team must follow the example of the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills and build a team and a scheme around their young QB. Use his strengths as best they can and form everything to fit him rather than the other way around. If they do this, we could be back to a new hay-day of the Denver Broncos and it could be one that could last over a decade.

Can’t wait!


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