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What should the Broncos expect from Drew Lock?

Lock’s QB coach at Missouri, Austyn Carta-Samuels, discussed that and more with Broncos Country Tonight.

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While the announcement isn’t “official,” it appears Drew Lock is the guy.

Since the Denver Broncos may have picked the Lock, what can the Broncos and fans expect from the rookie quarterback?

On Friday’s Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright talked to Lock’s quarterback coach at the University Missouri. Austyn Carta-Samuels told the guys what Denver should expect from Lock if he does indeed start vs the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday.

If the name Carta-Samuels looks familiar to some, he was the quarterback at the University of Wyoming around eight years ago.

“I’ve been talking to him actually quite a bit, so I got a little bit of a feel for it” Carta-Samuels said about Lock being on IR. “But for him, it’s just a beautiful thing as a quarterback when you take time to step away from the game ... you get to re-evaluate your process.

“‘OK, what am I struggling with? Let me address those areas and really work on those areas and kind of just complete my game and take a new perspective back into this thing.’ I think for him, it’s just been a really good time. I think initially he was really, really worried about it, and now I think he would tell you that it’s been a really positive step for him.”

Bonus listen

MHR’s Joe Rowles joined the guys to give them the pulse of the fans.