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My Ultimate DFS Fantasy Lineup For Week 10

It’s a week for the birds as the Cardinals and Ravens highlight this lineup.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So, who would have guessed that the one team to not take advantage of the terrible Dolphins, would be the even more terrible Jets...Well, not we know. Perhaps this week we will put out a lineup with fewer risks and absolutely a group of dudes that don’t have anything to do with the state of New York.

The lineup is take from

QB - Kyler Murray

If there ever was a game that screamed shootout, this would be it. Two passing offenses that like to sling the ball around and two defenses that love to let other teams sling the ball around. It was a hard choice between Murray and Jameis Winston (his opponent) but Famous Jameis is more likely to ruin a lineup than Murray and so I’m going with the diminutive rookie. He’s facing the 31st ranked passing defense and could go bat-poop bonkers on Sunday.

RB - Marlon Mack

A guy with a fishy name is playing against a fishy team that happens to have a fishy name. He’s bound for success. The Dolphins are the 31st ranked run defense and Mack could get a lot of touches, especially if it’s Brian Hoyer under center for the Colts. He’s expensive but worth it.

RB - Devin Singletary

This dude is about to explode onto the scene and is only being held back by that lack of touches. He looks great every time he has the ball and is a home run threat on every play. He’s also matched up against the 30th ranked Cleveland run D and gets to run versus a team that is already laying on the cool musky firmament known as rock bottom.

WR - Cooper Kupp

He’s been one of the best receivers in the NFL this year, he’s facing an okay defense in Pittsburgh and he is $1,000 cheaper than the top WR.

WR - Marquise Brown

The Ravens aren’t who we thought they were and I think that eventually they will be “figured out” at least to an extant. Still, that ain’t going to happen against the Bengals. Brown is a guy who could put up five points and could put up 30. This week I think he goes off against a division rival that is...not good.

WR - Larry Fitzgerald

He hasn’t been great this season but he still has the ability to dominate. Doubling up with Murray could payoff, he’s not a crazy popular pick and he’s affordable. Let’s hope he pays off like the good dude he is.

TE - Greg Olson

This has been a weird position this year. No one has really been all that great and so this week I’m going with old reliable, Greg Olson. He hasn’t been as good with Allen as he was with Newton but he is as good a guess as anyone to have a big week and he’s super cheap. The Packers are a below average team covering TEs as well.

FLEX - Mark Ingram II

I don’t love going with two skill guys on the same offense but I always do my FLEX last and he was the best available with the money I had left. Maybe that’s a bad idea but hey, it’s a great running team and they’re playing the Bengals. Sign me up.

DST - Buffalo Bills

So much for my promise to not use anyone from NY...anyway, I have been high on Buffalo all year and that won’t diminish this week against the Browns. Baker Maystache is a turnover machine and the Bills should eat that offense for lunch