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The Broncos have big questions to answer in the coming weeks

George Chahrouri of PFF joined Ryan and Ben on BCT to talk about where the Broncos stand right now.

When George Chahrourin joined Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Albright on Broncos Country Tonight on KOA radio 850 it was an interesting conversation. They tempered excitement aboutBrandon Allen’s performance, and also jumped on the Alexander Johnson train.

The most important point to be made about Allen’s game was who the Broncos were playing. Obviously, moving forward things will be much more difficult. They don’t get to play the Browns every week. However, Allen did earn the opportunity to use the next few games to try and earn more playing time.

He could, perhaps even postpone the Drew Lock experiment even further. There’s no doubt the task will be much more difficult, but if he can continue to get big catches from Courtland Sutton and Noah Fant he has a shot at impressing the coaches. It won’t be easy, but the possibility is there.

After the bye week the schedule stiffens with the Vikings and Bills on the horizon. Past that, a Chargers team that is all over the map comes to Denver. Lock will most likely play in that game against Los Angeles, but Allen will absolutely have a chance to make a statement in those difficult games leading up to the Chargers.

The other big name discussed was Alexander Johnson. He has definitely emerged as a potential fit in Vic Fangio’s scheme at ILB. The Broncos have been looking for a guy to fill the position for years (remember how great Al Wilson was?). If Johnson can continue his form, he may have found a home in Denver.

The best thing that can be said right now is that the Denver Broncos have the potential to make adjustments in the offseason, continue to build onto what is being created, and get back to winning football in the Mile High City.

Bonus Listen

Mike Klis joined BTA and confirmed that you will get to see Drew Lock play for the Broncos this season.