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FanPulse: Broncos fans enjoyed the offensive output in Week 9

The Denver Broncos had multiple explosive offensive plays in their 24-19 victory over the Cleveland Browns in Week 9.

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There was the offense we’ve all been looking for!

In our SB Nation FanPulse survey this week, Denver Broncos fans were feeling a heck of a lot better about the direction of this team after its 24-19 win over the Cleveland Browns last Sunday.

Fan confidence jumped from 11% to 38%. Since the team has a Bye Week this week, I’m curious to see how that number moves this coming Monday. Either we were all riding a wave of high and will come back to Earth or we are seeing the beginning of believe in the offense.

I’ll be tempering my confidence heading into the next two games. Denver will be playing a couple of pretty good defenses in the Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills, which means we will likely see Brandon Allen come back down to Earth. That is when we’ll see Drew Lock.

Even so, the play calling and execution showed that a big part of the problem this year has been Joe Flacco and his unwillingness to push the ball down the field. The mobility of Allen helped open up the big play possibilities and he actually took the chances Flacco had been unwilling or unable to take through eight games.

How are you feeling about these Broncos now that the glow of a big win has faded slightly?