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When can Broncos Country get truly excited about Drew Lock?

The MHR Radio Podcast wonders at what point will Broncos fans know that the rookie has “It”? We also break down what to look for in Sunday’s game at the Chiefs.

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As the Denver Broncos head into Week 15, one question keeps popping around in my mind.

Is this the game the Broncos finally end this ridiculous eight-game losing streak to the Kansas City Chiefs? On the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I disagree on the answer to that question, though we both hope it comes to an end.

We also break down what to look for in Sunday’s game at Arrowhead Stadium, and wonder at what point will Broncos Country know that Drew Lock has “It”? When can fans get truly excited about the rookie quarterback? It’s a fun discussion, and it’s awesome to even ponder these questions.

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