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Non-breaking news: the Patriots are still cheaty McCheatsters

Is anyone else tired of the cliche stories about New England cheating every year or two?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Why is this still a news item?

Hasn’t everyone gotten the memo on the New England Patriots organization can, will, and does cheat in any way, shape, or form to help ensure their continued success in the NFL?

The first mention way back in the early aughts wasn’t enough for some. The tape confiscation and subsequent destruction behind the scenes wasn’t either. Well fast forward a good decade or two and here we are in 2019 and the Patriots are still at their videotaping game. They are using the same old tired excuses and insulting the intelligence of everyone who loves the game of NFL football by releasing bullshit statements denying any wrong doing / excusing their pathetic methods with asinine explanations.

Yeah, like many NFL fans not located in the Boston area I completely admit that I hate this team that has had so much success for so long. But it isn’t just because they aren’t my team. And it isn’t because they have had record setting success at the game I love watching and writing about.

It is because year after year these slime balls drop a deuce on what little integrity the NFL has and year after year they get as little punishment as possible for it.

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News About Cheaters

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