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Something Something Broncos podcast, Episode 48

This time. The Denver Broncos are playing for 2020 and the Kansas City Chiefs are playing for playoff seeding. With a rookie quarterback, we should expect things to be difficult on Sunday.

Laurie, Jess, and I talked a lot about Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Drew Lock in this week’s episode of Something Something Broncos. We swooned over his dismantling of the Houston Texans last week and fretted over how he might do against the Kansas City Chiefs this week.

However, sitting here now, I’m thinking we should just expect Denver to lose and, quite frankly, lose big. I’ll take the win, don’t get me wrong, but I’m also a lover of NFL history and the Denver Broncos have never fared well in Kansas City during the month of December.

In a bit of irony, that Kyle Orton win was the only win he had as a starting quarterback in the month of December during his entire 3-year stint with Denver. The other two quarterbacks each had a single win in Arrowhead Stadium during the month of December. John Elway in 16 seasons and Peyton Manning in 4.

Given Denver is rolling with a rookie quarterback and the Chiefs have a veteran roster fighting for playoff seeding, a blowout loss here isn’t outside of the realm of possibility. My point here with this post is that if it happens ... it’s okay.

Don’t overreact to one game. My final score prediction in our podcast came down to a 31-21 final score in favor of Kansas City, so I am by no means predicting a blowout loss. I’m just okay with it if it is happens this time. Denver is on the rise - finally - and I cannot wait for the 2020 season to get here for this team to have another shot to get off to a faster start.