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FanPulse: Welcome to Drewcember, Broncos Country

See that chart? That’s call the Drew Lock curve and its going straight up after just two straight wins for the Denver Broncos.

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Holy smokes!

Denver Broncos are feeling good about the future this week. They are the 8th most confident fanbase across all SB Nation sites right now at 80%. Not bad for a club sitting at 5-8 on the verge of being knocked out of playoff contention.

We’ll call that the Drew Lock effect.

In two games, the rookie has been nearly flawless in the red zone and is coming off a three touchdown pass performance in a blowout win on the road over the Houston Texans last week.

Do you think we’ve grown too overconfident? I expressed my belief that things are going to get a little harder for Lock next week, but oh boy, if he somehow leads Denver to win in Arrowhead...

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