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Broncos HC Vic Fangio understands Von Miller’s frustration

The Broncos have lost 9 straight games to the Chiefs. Broncos pass rusher Von Miller gave an unprompted declaration of despair in a postgame press conference. How did HC Vic Fangio react to Miller’s comments? In this week’s show, Luke cautions Broncos Country not to over-react to Drew Lock’s poor performance.

Following a ninth straight loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium last Sunday, Von Miller revealed despair and frustration in a post game press conference.

An emotional Miller declared, “Tough loss. It’s hard because I really don’t even know what to say. I don’t know how we got to this point. I don’t know how we win like this, I really don’t. It’s tough being where we’re at. It’s tough being 30 years old and going out there with whatever issues I’m dealing with and still coming up so short.”

Broncos Country was left stunned, confused, and divided. Some fans feel that Miller hasn’t played up to his Super Bowl 50 MVP standards. Others can empathize with the veteran pass rusher who’s played injured for over one month.

On Sunday, a dejected Miller added, “It’s more than just winning and losing. It just defeats my soul.”

Broncos Country has long enjoyed the friendly, energetic, and enthusiastic pass rusher that is Von Miller.

Miller’s charity Von’s Vision, along with his countless acts of community involvement make him the most popular and beloved man in the Mile High City.

But for the 3rd year in a row the Broncos are destined to endure another loosing record, something that hasn’t happen since 1972.

After winning Super Bowl 50, the Broncos record is (25-37). In the last 28 games, the Broncos are 9-19.

Is it any wonder that the injured, and aging pass rusher is frustrated?

Miller also appeared very emotional when mentioning teammate Chris Harris Jr. The Pro-Bowl cornerback’s career with the Broncos is likely to conclude at the end of the season with Harris set to become an unrestricted free agent.

On Monday, Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio was asked about Miller’s postgame comments.

“I heard a little bit of it. I just think he’s—the frustration of losing to those guys again. He’s been here the last four years now to where it hasn’t been a winning season, but he’s been a positive influence and a positive part of this team, and that will continue. I just think it’s more frustration.”

Miller currently has 7 sacks on the season, and has been efficient hurrying the passer in what many consider a down year for the 9th year player.

With 2 games left against the Lions and Raiders at home, Miller is aiming for 3 more sacks that would give him a total of 10 on the season. The fewest amount of sacks Miller has ever had in a season was in 2013 (5) as he missed time because of a 6 game suspension.