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Feeling ‘grinchy’ about these losses? Yeah, me too.

There’s no way around it - losing is a drag. But losing consistently is downright miserable. Time for a #Broncos’ ‘Grinch’ story...

I feel ya, Von.

I am tired of these losing seasons too.

I am tired of the Broncos constantly trying new and different things only to end up with the same losing result three seasons in a row.

“I don’t know. We’ve tried everything. We’ve tried everything on and off the football field. We’ve tried all different coaches, all different players. I really don’t know what’s going on. If I did, I would be the first to execute whatever plan it is to make everything better. I’m just at a loss for words.”

I especially feel your begging for a competitive team in one game, one half - even just one play.

“I just want to be competitive in this game, the game that we have coming up next, this play, this half, this quarter even. I just want to be competitive in what we’re doing right now. I don’t want to look down the road, let’s just get one now. One play, one win. It’s just been slipping away from us for way too long.”

It is painful to keep watching this team lose, especially when the effort is there, just not the talent. Or not nearly enough talent, as Chris Harris Jr. said.

Basically, I’m feeling like a grinch about this season and that makes it a little hard to get excited about the next game.

But Phillip Lindsay pointed out on Wednesday the importance of winning the last two games, even if it’s meaningless for a guaranteed losing record.

“Yeah, we definitely have (talked about offseason motivation),” Lindsay said. “We need to have momentum going in to next year—just the confidence and just end on the right note. That’s what it’s about, sending off everybody on the right note.”

So I rallied and got in the Broncos spirit and wrote my annual adaptation to “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” poem and made myself feel better.

The frustration is still there, of course, but as I note in the poem on our “Something Something Broncos podcast,” this is how it goes being a football fan. There are good seasons and bad ones, and since the Broncos have had three (kinda four) bad ones in a row, it’s easy to get discouraged.

But as bad football teams go, Broncos fans have gotten quite lucky. We could be ending our third losing season with no clear coaching leadership and no idea about the future field general.

Instead we can look forward to watching rookie quarterback Drew Lock learn some valuable lessons in these final games while also getting more and more comfortable with his offensive coordinator and teammates in the huddle. And we have a coach whose vision is not just accepted but embraced by the team:

Vic Fangio has the locker room, and guys want to play.

So we need get back to work and quit bemoaning doomsday.

...This is Broncos football – and it’s always quite a ride.
Postseason or no, there’s never a downside.

They will make some great catches and get to the QB with a roar.
A few bursty runs can help even the score.

And with each season that doesn’t end just right.
We can pull out a Super Bowl 32 DVD and call it a night.

Because this is Broncos Country, where we always bleed Orange & Blue.
And offer a reminder to our AFCWest rivals - our number of Lombardis is a lot more than you!

Here’s to a much less ‘Grinchy’ future.