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Von Miller is implying that it’s now or never

The veteran superstar spoke in frustration after the KC loss but what he said tells a lot about the feelings in the locker room.

Von Miller pretty much told John Elway, in his post-game press conference on Sunday, that this offseason better be an “all-in” for building a contender or else he may take his talents elsewhere. Though he later claimed it was just said in frustration, there’s no doubt that the front office and all of Von’s teammates received the message loud and clear: “no more excuses.”

Though personally, I think that Miller should put a bit more blame on his own shoulders - and he already does some - he’s not wrong in pushing his bosses to be better. He’s the face of the franchise and there’s no question in my mind that he wants to remain a Bronco for his entire career. Since he wants to stay and obviously wants to win in Denver while also realizing they likely have found their future at QB, he knows it’s time for Elway to put a winning team back on the field.

It’s possible that most of the players in the past four years have chalked up losing consistently to the fact that they never had good quarterback play. Maybe Von was one of those guys who thought the team just needed a better QB and the team would be right back in it but now that they’ve recycled through half a dozen different guys at the position and have finally found their guy, he thinks that they shouldn’t still be getting thumped by the hated Chiefs.

Von saw a QB against L.A.C and Houston who can move in the pocket, lead in the huddle and gun the ball down the field like the second coming of Brett Favre - and win. So when they get whooped yet again by the team that they most despise, it has to sting a little. Maybe it was like a light bulb going off in his mind where he realized that maybe they couldn’t just blame one guy anymore like the fans had blamed Vance Joseph. Perhaps this team was just not talented enough and it was likely because of the mistakes made by the front office since 2015 and the sometimes lack-luster performances from the players.

If these thoughts ran through his mind after the KC game, he wouldn’t be the only one having them. However, the fact that he - and most Denver fans - realize that the team does in fact have their future at QB, is a very happy thought. Building a team around a young, cheap QB is the most sure way to success in today’s NFL and Von - with all of us - wants to make it clear that this offseason needs to be about winning in 2020 and there’s no longer any way to point the finger at one coach or one mediocre quarterback.

Von Miller and Broncos fans simply want to win and there’s little doubt that John Elway has heard the message loud and clear. Let’s hope that things turn around next season or we may be wondering what could have been if Elway had been a good GM and if Miller had been a career-long Bronco.


What were your thoughts on Miller’s comments?

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