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Broncos fans remain optimistic of the future despite tough loss to Chiefs

The SB Nation FanPulse survey of Denver Broncos fans shows that Broncos Country has remained optimistic despite the blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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The Denver Broncos lost 23-3 on the road to the Kansas City Chiefs and Drew Lock didn’t have a great day in the snow either. Despite that, Broncos Country remained mostly optimistic about the future as it held at 55%.

Most of the polling occurred the day after the loss, so emotions were likely still raw for many fans - myself included. I voted “meh” in that Monday morning poll, which put me on the negative side of the equation. If I were to hold off and vote on Tuesday, I probably would have bounced back enough from the raw emotional disappointment of a loss and voted more for the big picture.

There is a lot to be hopeful for with this team and if they close out these final two weeks with wins, there will be plenty more to be optimistic about.

As they take on the Detroit Lions this Sunday, they have to show us they can win games they should win. Each of the next two represent tests for the Broncos on that front. Can they win the games they are supposed to win?