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Broncos vs Lions score predictions: A game Denver should win

There is no way the Denver Broncos should lose this game, but in 2019 nothing should be taken for granted. Even against the 3-10-1 Detroit Lions.

The Denver Broncos at 5-9 are only slightly better record-wise than the Detroit Lions who are at 3-10-1, but the two teams are definitely trending in opposite directions. The Broncos started the season 0-4 and have gone 5-5 since, while the Lions started out 2-0-1 only to lose 10 of 11 since.

Given the trending directions of these teams, our staff collectively predict a blowout 31-16 win for the Broncos. Not all of us think this game will go that way, however. Here is how we see things shaking out individually.

Broncos 23, Lions 16

Part of my thinks this is a game the Broncos should win by double-digits, but I feel like every time I expect one thing they do another. Given that, I’m going to go with a tighter score with the Broncos coming out on top over the Lions in a closer game here. I’m really hoping they can win out to finish 7-5 after an 0-4 start. That would show a team definitely trending in a new direction. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 34, Lions 19

A bad Lions secondary. A bad undrafted Lions rookie QB. A young gun at QB with a ton of confidence and something to prove coming off the Chiefs game. At home, to boot? That adds up to a prime opportunity for a blowout win. - Taylor Kothe

Broncos 30, Lions 17

Detroit is so banged up it makes Denver’s injury issues look like child’s play. This game could be ugly but I think the Broncos control it throughout with a 30 - 17 win. Lock takes another step towards stardom. - Kevin Gillikin

Broncos 31, Lions 13

Even with second and third string players starting on defense, Vic Fangio is going to take advantage of David Blough’s inexperience and lack of arm talent. The Denver defense will again look good and hold the Lions to 13 points as the Denver offense gets back in the same groove it had in Houston and again scores more than 25. The final will be 31-13 Denver. - Joe Mahoney

Broncos 20, Lions 17

In what will likely resemble a preseason game more than a week 16 game, Denver should be the more put together team and be able to come out on top. This is a game this team should win, and they need to win games like this if they want to begin to improve and be a consistent team. They need to come out strong here. With Kareem Jackson out and the defensive line decimated by injuries, the Broncos may have to rely on their offense this game. Show us what you got, Drew Lock. - Jeff Essary

Broncos 45, Lions 13

This is the first of two games to put on a show. For the players to prove they should get a spot next season, but also create good habits going forward. As I told Adam on the MHR Radio Podcast, I think Lock and the Broncos offense delivers in a big way ... to the tune of a 40-burger. While it won’t change anything for this regular season, it will definitely add to the excitement of the 2020 Drew Train. - Ian St. Clair

Broncos 34, Lions 17

This should be a bounce back game for Denver. It has been entertaining to say the least with Drew Lock at QB. His continued growth within the offense will be what everyone talks about, but the defense will also have a chance at a bit of a redemption. The Lions are bad, and so are the Broncos. The Broncos are just less bad, and playing at home. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 34, Lions 14

The Broncos offense dials it back to what we saw against Houston facing a Lions defense with a punchless rush. Matt Patricia plays to his strengths and tries to shutdown the run game while throwing some different looks at the rookie. Without a way to make him uncomfortable, Lock finds Sutton, Fant, and Patrick for some chunk plays. The score looks competitive until Von Miller wrecks David who? And we’re back to cloud 9 for the last week of the season.

Fun fact, Oakland has the second worst pass defense in football by DVOA. Detroit is even worse since their loss to Green Bay back in October. Lock should be able to torch these two to finish the year. - Joe Rowles

Give us your Broncos-Lions score predictions in the comments section below.