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Broncos future is bright

Swagger has returned to Broncos Country thanks to Drew Lock.

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Some may still temper their excitement.

For others, it’s all aboard the Drew Lock Train for the Denver Broncos after the 27-17 win over the Detroit Lions.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati is at least all-in for 2020. I’m all-in saying Lock is the Broncos quarterback of the future. It’s not just that the rookie is 3-1 in his four starts, it’s how the offense and team plays with Lock. It’s clear the players and coaches love what he brings. But what really does it for me is that Lock wants it. He has the confidence and swagger, but he knows he has to prove it each and every day. Lock wants to get even better.

As Tim Patrick told Troy Renck after the game, “His swagger is contagious. The way he carries himself, it’s hard not to have fun out there. ... That’s a guy you want to follow.”

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