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My Broncos Christmas list

If we’re lucky, Santa’s got some goodies.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
Justin Simmons’ deserves a new deal for the new year and beyond.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

This has been perhaps the weirdest year since I started obsessing over the Broncos. The first four games were brutal, while the next four were something close to bearable because the defense got so good. The Brandon Allen era was a lot of looking beneath the big story lines to what was coming, and now it’s bittersweet to know we’re a game away from the end.

That and the holiday season got me thinking about what I hope comes about over the upcoming days and off-season. So of course I had to share with you.

12. A win for Broncos Country.

Tank commanders may not like it, but it’d be pretty sweet to cap off Drew Lock’s rookie season with a victory over the homeless Raiders. If the Broncos plan to give him 2020 as an extended trial (and all signs are they will), then draft position is less important than the positive vibes, chemistry, and confidence that would come from a 4-1 capper to Vic Fangio’s first season at the helm.

Why is this only 12 then? Well, it’s not the end of the world if Oakland wins. I’d be bummed, sure, but we’re looking at the long game, fam.

11. Clay for Mike Munchak.

It’s crazy to think the head coaching search came down to him and Vic Fangio, yet he still came to Denver. That in and of itself is a gift that keeps on giving. So now it’s time to make sure he knows how much the Broncos appreciate him.

Regardless of what Elway and the coaching staff have planned for Bolles, McGovern, Leary, and Wilkinson, there needs to be a concentrated effort to improve the depth along the offensive line.

I know Jake Rodgers and Patrick Morris just played out of their minds against Detroit. Bring them back for camp, but I want a project or two for Munch to chew up and spit out. You can thank me later. I’ll send it on to him.

10. A true third down back for Rich Scangarello.

Remember Theo Riddick? It’s okay if you don’t, I almost didn’t.

Of course, it’s not his fault there was hope Bryce Callahan would be able to play, which meant the veteran running back was placed on injured reserve at the start of the year. It was even less his fault that Tim Patrick became a necessary designee to return when Elway traded Emmanuel Sanders (after the receivers request) to San Francisco.

But his injury meant Devontae Booker stuck to the Broncos’ roster all of 2019. While I had hope Booker would settle in as a valuable member of the rotation after showing some promise in the final days of the Vance Joseph and Bill Musgrave era, it never came to pass.

Which meant the offensive coordinator who talked about how easy it was to get backs on linebackers had to depend on Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman to exploit mismatches. While both flashed an exciting moment here and there, it was pretty clear that this offense would be far more dangerous with a true weapon in the backfield.

I want to give him one. Maybe Elway can bring Riddick back, or maybe someone like Clyde Edwards-Helaire falls into the Broncos’ laps in April?

9. Ca$h for Ju$tin $immons.

If John Elway $crews thi$ up he get$ coal ‘til he retire$ from Dove Valley.

8. A war-daddy for Bill Kollar

Even before Derek Wolfe got hurt, there was a noticeable lack of girth along the Broncos’ line. We’re days away from what may be the last game with Shelby Harris in orange and blue, and have almost certainly seen the end of Adam Gotsis with a horse head helmet.

Ideally Fangio’s safeties can sit back in two high, which means there’s more pressure on the defensive line to cause havoc when they’re outnumbered at the point of attack. After the opening struggles to start the year, things settled down because of heroic efforts by Mike Purcell, Todd Davis, Alexander Johnson, and Kareem Jackson, but more girth is needed for the long haul.

It’s probably unrealistic to hope the 10 or so teams ahead of the Broncos are dumb enough to pass on Derrick Brown. I doubt Kollar would mind someone like Marvin Wilson or Neville Gallimore though. Heck, there’s an outside shot Akiem Hicks, Marcell Dareus, or Jordan Phillips is interested in the 303.

7. Safety depth for Ed Donatell.

Maybe Trey Marshall makes a jump. Maybe Will Parks comes back and finds his footing on the back line. Maybe Fangio and Elway go out and dig up a diamond in free agency or the draft.

Somewhere the Broncos will need to find a third safety in case Kareem Jackson or Justin Simmons miss time. It’s too important a role in the current system to have so much uncertainty if Denver wants to chase the playoffs.

6. A bounce-back campaign for Bradley Chubb.

One of the unsung reasons for optimism heading into the new year is that Von Miller gets his running mate back for 2020. You know, the guy who almost broke the NFL’s rookie sack record in 2018?

5. Health for Ja’Wuan James and Bryce Callahan.

Back in March of 2019, there was a ton of buzz over Elway’s moves in free agency. Unfortunately neither did a whole lot to deliver on that excitement this year due to circumstances outside of their control. There is little doubt their absences were felt, but on the plus side, if either or even both come back to 100 percent for 2020, it’s like two free free agents.

Neither is getting cut, so let’s root for that.

4. A running mate for Courtland Sutton.

Watching Sutton turn into a Pro Bowler (because let’s be honest, he deserves one of those dang roster spots) in his second season was one of the highlights of the year. Now the Broncos need to go out and find a true replacement for Emmanuel Sanders.

I’ve liked what Tim Patrick and DaeSean Hamilton have done since Lock’s come in, but giving LeBron James a Dwayne Wade or Kyrie Irving would elevate this offense to another level.

Last spring there was rumored interest in John Brown before he ultimately signed with the Buffalo Bills. If Elway’s goal is to find a true burner, there are names like Henry Ruggs III and Jalen Reagor in the draft, as well as role players like Breshad Perriman and Robby Anderson in free agency.

Or they could chase another WR1+ type in Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, or Jerry Jeudy.

3. Real improvement for Garett Bolles.

It seems like I’m asking the moon to hope for a left tackle to slide out of the top ten at this point, so instead I’ll ask for Mars. If the Broncos are going to stick it out with their 2017 first round pick next season, I pray Mike Munchak’s first year with him lit a fire. Heck, I’d settle for the desire to cash in motivating him to put in the work to really iron out his technique.

2. A shiny new corner for Vic Fangio.

Vic Fangio’s defense doesn’t ask for the kind of one-on-one man coverage Wade Phillips’ defense did. This has led some to conclude that there’s less of a need for strong corner play and that the Broncos should roll the dice on Bryce Callahan, DeVante Bausby, Isaac Yiadom, and maybe bring back Chris Harris Jr.

Not me. I want a Jeffrey Okudah, Trevon Diggs, or Byron Jones. Heck, I’m intrigued by Logan Ryan and Kristian Fulton. Right now you could sell me on James Bradberry, Bryce Hall, Paulson Adeboa. Even Damon Arnette, Cameron Dantzler, and Ronald Darby sound good.

I want Vic Fangio to get a chance to rebuild the secondary as he sees fit. With what stands between Denver and the AFC West crown, they’re going to need the kind of secondary that can stand up to Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs.

1. The sophomore jump for Drew Lock.

I mentioned in the waning moments of the win over Detroit that the rookie quarterback’s game against the Lions was quite possibly my favorite I’ve seen so far. It goes beyond the stats to what looked like hints at the kind of improvements he’s going to need to make for Denver to really compete with Patrick Mahomes in the AFC West.

There’s nothing else I’d rather have for this Broncos team. At the end of the day, a new receiver, cornerback, or even left tackle won’t make up the difference between the two if Lock can’t develop into a franchise quarterback.

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