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‘Santa Lindsay’ helped local kids have a better Christmas with their families

Working with JCPenney earlier this month, the star running back joined 25 local kids and helped them shop for Christmas presents for their families.

AP Images for JCPenney

The Christmas holidays are wonderful for a lot of people, but not for everyone. And for families without a lot of means, the huge focus on gifts can be depressing.

That’s why Phillip Lindsay devoted his time earlier this month to help local kids have a much better holiday with their families.

Working with JCPenney, Lindsay surprised 25 deserving kids from the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club with a special visit and shopping spree. JCPenney spread its holiday cheer throughout the United States for its sixth consecutive year, helping more than 1,200 kids find presents for their families.

AP Images for JCPenney

Each child received a $100 JCPenney gift card to purchase the perfect gifts for everyone on their Christmas lists. And “Santa Lindsay” was there to help them shop for presents for their friends and family and create an incredible holiday memory.

Growing up in a big family, and often not having a lot of presents at Christmas, Lindsay was particularly interested in helping these kids have a great holiday.

“We never had money to get the Christmas gifts. Santa Claus would do what he could for us, but it was more about being able to be with my family, being with my brothers and sisters,” he said earlier this week. “We went through some times where we were struggling, but we all had each other. That is something that a lot of kids are going through all the time. So I always have that in my mind. If I can make a kid smile, then I’m doing my job.”

The running back who had his second 100-plus yard game on Sunday took that same approach in the huddle last weekend.

“That’s what I said before the game when I was in the huddle with everybody. I was like, ‘At the end of this day, let’s make a kid smile.’ Because that’s what this is about. It’s about the extra things. It’s not just about playing a game, it’s about mingling with the fans, mingling with the crowd, signing autographs for a kid,” Lindsay said. “He’s not knowing going into the game he’s going to get an autograph, but then he does and it makes his day. It may save the kid. You never know, and that’s what our job is about.”