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Drew will determine this decade in Denver

Aliteration is necessary for the holidays and so is being thankful so let’s all take a moment and thank the heavens that we aren’t Browns’ fans.

It’s so beautiful how this decade is ending and the next beginning.

My first baby will be here in the next few weeks, Disney has actually done something right with Star Wars (The Mandalorian) and twenty twenty is so much more satisfying to say than twenty nineteen.

Things are shaping up to be pretty stellar for Broncos Country as well and at the very least we can hope that if this decade is as much a roller coaster ride as the last was, it’ll also have a Super Bowl somewhere in the middle to keep us sane.

Things seem to be on a smooth course, however, as the Broncos have a coach who at least appears to have half a clue (though I don’t love everything he does), they finally may have found a QB (the biggest issue in the NFL) and the offense is truly a few pieces away from being sick good. Though the defensive depth scares me a bit, Fangio has proven that he can build a great group when given the time and since he should be given some rope, there’s plenty of reason to trust that he will find some success in the next few years.

When you imagine that at the beginning of this last decade, the Broncos had Josh McDaniels at the helm and Kyle Orton at QB....the 2020’s look bright indeed.

The next ten years could go many different ways but we can say with confidence that they begin with more hope than the twenty teens did - and in that period the team won a Championship.

Hope springs eternal and I can’t wait for it to begin in 2020!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the B&B crew!