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Broncos can bust Raiders playoff hopes

Drew Lock and the Broncos can end the 2019 season on a positive and eliminate the Raiders from playoff contention.

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“It’s been forever since there was a meaningful game.”

That’s one of the arguments made by some to claim the Oakland Raiders aren’t the Denver Broncos’ biggest and most hated rival. I will never support such claims. Remember, on former Broncos owner Pat Bowlen’s to-do list of three items, one of them was “beat the Raiders.” I was born to do two things on this planet: Love the Broncos and hate the Raiders. I would make the argument that any game against that trash franchise is “meaningful.” That’s just the case in rivalry games like this. Think Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

For those who need it, Sunday’s game in Denver is huge for Oakland. As it stands right now, the Raiders have a shot at the playoffs. For their hopes to stay alive, they need to win on Sunday. On top of a win, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans need to lose and the Indianapolis Colts need to win. It’s also the final game ever as the “Oakland” Raiders. So Drew Lock needs to conduct the Drew Train and have the Broncos steamroll the Raiders on Sunday.

As Adam Malnati and I talked about on the MHR Radio Podcast, end the playoff hopes and send the organization to Las Vegas on a loss. What would make all of this even better is if each of those scenarios for the Raiders to get in the AFC playoffs happened and Denver beating them was what kept them out.

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