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Broncos vs Raiders score predictions: Will it be a close game or a blowout?

The Denver Broncos can finish the 2019 season strong with a home win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

The playoffs could be within reach for the Oakland Raiders when the game starts on Sunday, but they’ll have to get through Drew Lock and the Denver Broncos to even have a shot. The winner will also finish the season second in the AFC West.

Some of us took this score prediction thing seriously, while others bordered on the absurd. However, we all predicted the same - a Broncos win. The collective score is a bit of a blowout with the Broncos winning 33-17.

Individually, there were plenty of us who see more of a closer game on Sunday. Here is how we broke things down.

Broncos 27, Raiders 24

As much as I’d love to see a blowout win, these two teams are pretty close right now. It will come down to the wire and be a close game, but ultimately, the Broncos come out on top to finish the season 7-9 with Drew Lock finishing his season 4-1 as the starter. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 24, Raiders 17

This team is feeling it and as Drew Lock has cemented his position as the 2020 starting QB, many of the other players will be playing their hearts out in order to earn a new contract while all will simply want to pound the Raiders. It would be so beautiful if everything falls their way for a playoff spot before they get destroyed in Denver by a rejuvenated Broncos team. - Kevin Gillikin

Broncos 34, Raiders 20

I rolled my eyes at first at the Drewcember hashtag, but you know... after going 3-1 so far, including an excellent win over the Texans and 3 different players getting various Player of the Week honors, Drewcember has turned out to be the real deal. I think that continues Sunday against the Raiders. Lock throws for a couple of TDs and makes it two consecutive games without an interception against a hapless Raiders defense that has only forced 1 turnover in their last 4 games. Guys keep stepping up on defense and we see some more complementary football in the waning moments of the season. The Broncos finish 2019 4-1 with their rookie QB at the helm, matching the team’s 1983 record for wins with a rookie starting QB. - Taylor Kothe

Broncos 27, Raiders 13

The Drew Train is pulling into the station, as Drewcember draws to a close. Perhaps the most fitting end to all of this is a matchup with the Raiders, and an opportunity to play spoiler. Raider week has one more gift for Broncos Country. Denver wins, eliminating Oakland from the playoffs, and sending them to Las Vegas with one final loss. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 64, Raiders 10

Denver can end the season with some positive vibes while also pulling a sweet double — dash any chance of the Raiders making the playoffs and ending their time in Oakland as a loser. As Adam and I talked about on the MHR Radio Podcast, the Drew Train steamrolls the final stop in Drewcember and adds to the growing excitement for 2020. - Ian St. Clair

Broncos 31, Raiders 27

News that Josh Jacobs probably won’t play is going to be an underrated factor. Since Wolfe’s injury the Broncos run defense has been pretty bad, but no Jacobs and a banged up interior line could mean Gruden can’t punish it. If Carr has to carry the offense Von will get some opportunities. That’ll be the difference in a high scoring affair. - Joe Rowles

Broncos 24, Raiders 7

Whether you believe in momentum carrying over into the next season or not, there seems to be something there from the players and coaches perspective. For a team with a ton of young players and not a lot of winning, any game they can come away with a win is a good one and I think the players will be fighting to keep their new-found momentum alive. - Jeff Essary

Give us your Broncos-Raiders score predictions in the comments section below.