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Drew Lock has offseason plan laid out for him

Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Rich Scangarello revealed that Drew Lock has an offseason plan laid out for him if he wants to follow it.

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However Drew Lock finishes the 2019 season, his rookie campaign can only be seen as a success four games in. There are aspects to his game that could certainly use some refinement and improvement leading into the 2020 regular season, so Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Rich Scangarello has laid out an offseason plan for him.

“Every year with the quarterbacks, we always have an individual plan designed to help them in the offseason,” Scangarello said on Friday. “First, you want them to get away and recharge their batteries a little bit. It’s been a long year. Then you want them to come out with an agenda and an objective to improve certain areas. For Drew, we’ll have a plan put together. We already do. We’ll sit down and finalize it before he leaves.”

While the NFL’s CBA doesn’t allow football-related contact to occur during the offseason between coaches and players, they can provide this kind of plan before the season is over. It is still on the player to decide if they want to pursue the work or play video games.

Lock, on Thursday, already committed to working to get better in preparation for next season.

“I’m going to stay most of the time here in Denver,” Lock said. “Then we’re going to of course get with the receivers a couple times in this offseason to throw with them, be ready in that regards so we don’t come back and look like we just threw it to each other for the first time. I’m going to spend most of my time here in Denver.”

It is certainly exciting to hear that the young quarterback is going to work his tail off this offseason. You know damn well guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees never relaxed in the offseason. I’m saying he’ll be that good, but he’ll be a lot better than he is if he works hard at it.

Can’t wait to see the results next Summer.

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