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Week 17: Raiders at Broncos - Live updates

The Denver Broncos will host their hated AFC West rival Oakland Raiders in the 2019 regular season finale. A win would put Denver ahead of Oakland in the standings.

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Detroit Lions v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos (6-9) are hosting the hated Oakland Raiders (7-8) in Week 17 to close out the regular season. Here are your live updates for this game.

Live Game Updates

Pre Game

Denver has a chance to take away the playoff aspirations and a .500 finish for the Raiders, while also avenging their Week 1 defeat. The Broncos are a completely different football team now than it was then as it has been a trying season with three quarterback changes.

The turnaround has been gradual as they realized that Joe Flacco wasn’t going to lead them anywhere. They won a game with Brandon Allen before finally handing the team over to rookie Drew Lock five weeks ago. He has won three of his first four games and will be looking to add one more before the season is over.

A win would also secure second place in the AFC West for the Broncos. Although a 7-9 record is still disappointing, a 4-1 finish and a 7-5 record since their disastrous 0-4 start is something the team and us fans can look forward into 2020 with. First, they need to knock the Raiders out.

Broncos vs Raiders live updates