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Broncos’ celebration after beating the Raiders carried from field to locker room to Twitter

It was a good way to end a tough season.

The Broncos’ 16-15 win over the Raiders was anything but pretty, but it was sweet nonetheless.

There were plenty of expletives, but this time in celebration rather than frustration.

And that energy from the locker room carried over to Broncos Twitter where players expressed a lot of love for teammates, their coaches and the fans - a rather amazing sight for a team finishing 7-9.

Also, Dalton Risner said this:

And this:

And that sentiment seems to be popular - even if for different reasons.

Of course, the real talk on Twitter started the second Shelby Harris batted down Derek Carr’s pass attempting to win the game.


In fact, Adam Gotsis was practically the Broncos’ own Twitter play-by-play throughout the game.

And Bradley Chubb, another injured starter relegated to watching the game from the sidelines, was not to be left out of the Twitter action.

Of course the sad reality of the final game of the season is that the Broncos have a number of defensive starters hitting free agency, and that was not lost on them - especially Chris Harris Jr.

For Justin Simmons and Will Parks - two safeties who have bonded since being drafted the same year - it was surreal to think of being on different teams next year.

But having the prospect of a future franchise quarterback definitely makes the idea of staying in Denver a much more enticing deal - as Derek Wolfe noted.

And now Broncos Country feels a lot like Will Parks: