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John Elway said its ‘unrealistic’ to see anyone but Drew Lock starting for Broncos in 2020

The Denver Broncos have found their starting quarterback for 2020 and John Elway all but confirmed that during the teams end of the year press conference.

Whether you are an eye test kind of fan or a stats junkie, there is little you can argue to say the Denver Broncos haven’t at least found their quarterback for 2020. Drew Lock has a lot of work to do, but every one of us should feel encouraged by his first five games in the NFL.

Broncos President of Football Operations/GM John Elway echoed that sentiment and all but confirmed that 2020 is going to be Lock’s year.

“I don’t see any options right now,” Elway said when asked if Lock would be the starter in 2020. “Obviously, he finished and did a heck of a job and won four out of five games and played well, but he still has a long way to go. He has a lot of work to do. We’re excited about where Drew is. I don’t like to show our hand, but I think it’s unrealistic to say that we’re going a different direction.”

Credit to Lock’s development should go to Offensive Coordinator Rich Scangarello. While Lock still have some lower body throwing mechanics that could get him into trouble down the road, he has come a long way in his first season and a big part of that has been the work Scangarello has done to tailor playcalling to Lock’s strengths.

I think over time, especially as Drew started playing, that it was good relationship,” Head Coach Vic Fangio said of Lock’s relationship with Scangarello. “I think they had a good trust between each other. I think the results, although they weren’t record setting, the results were good.”

Drew Lock has enjoyed working with Scangarello too and for those two to continue to build on that will be a key component to offensive success in 2020 and beyond.

“I think it was an awesome relationship that we had,” Lock said of Scangarello. “We talked about it today. I think it’s going to keep growing into next year into where he—it wasn’t easy for me at the start. He didn’t press me. He didn’t push it on me too hard. Obviously when I needed to be on my stuff, he corrected me and said, ‘You need to pick this up. You need to do this.’ The way he coached me this year I was super thankful. I told him this morning that I wouldn’t have been to this point, felt comfortable without the way he made me feel about who I was as a quarterback and just the way he coached me. I’m super grateful for having him in that room and having him on this team.”

The success Lock enjoyed came largely from how well the team responded to him. It seemed like the veterans rallied around the young rookie and, most importantly, winning football games kept the fun ride going.

Lock’s approach was all about making football fun again and that was like a contagion that spread.

“I thought we’d bring a different side to it—let loose have some fun,” Lock said. “I think everyone else in the locker room and locker rooms everywhere too are wanting to have fun, wanting to be loose about it. Someone just has to take it by the horns. I think we’re starting to do that here which has been really, really fun. It’s just a different vibe. We’re not going to be stuck up and arrogant about it, but at the same time you don’t want to be super tight on the sidelines. You want to have fun and just be ourselves. Just because there are cameras in your face and a good amount of people watching doesn’t mean you can’t be having some fun.”

The Denver Broncos are trending up, because they finally have a quarterback that can make plays. After four seasons, we should all know how important that position is. It’s vital in today’s league.